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Buying a new home

Ensure your new property is Gas Safe

You can’t always be sure when the appliances and pipework in your new property were last serviced and checked. Your vendor should be able to provide you with a Gas Safety Record showing that a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer has checked the gas installation pipework and appliances. If they’re unable to do this, you’ll need to contact a registered engineer to carry out checks before you move in. The engineer should be able to complete a record and provide it to the vendor so they can pass it onto you when you move into the property.

The infographic below is a handy guide which can help with any common queries regarding moving home and gas safety. Just click to expand it.



Always remember to have your appliances checked regularly – as the risks if you don’t include deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions. If you need to find a registered engineer to carry out these checks, don't forget you can do so online.