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Whatever the time of year, it’s always worth considering your gas appliances and how to ensure they’re working properly. Some aspects of gas safety can come into consideration at certain times – find out what these are below.

BBQ safety

Everyone loves a BBQ in summer – but if you’re planning on one make sure you keep yourself safe and avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Read our top tips for BBQ and portable heater safety.

Gas safety on holiday

Whether it’s a summer holiday you’re embarking on or just a quick break to escape miserable weather at home, don’t forget to bring a carbon monoxide alarm on your travels. This also applies to UK based holidays – whatever type of accommodation you stay in, it could be home to a poorly maintained gas appliance. View our video and gas safety on holiday tips.

Winter gas safety tips

When it’s cold and frosty outside, we rely on our gas appliances to keep us warm (and cook lots of food). Read our top gas safety tips for winter.

Gas safety during flooding

Floods have caused nightmares for many homeowners recently – gas safety is just one of many things to consider if your home is flooded or at risk of flooding. Read our advice on staying gas safe during a flood.